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Luisa Subero says, "I don't know what I would do without her. We've been inseparable since 1999 and will not ever leave each other's lives.

Today, she turns 18, and I couldn't be more proud of the woman she's become." From Mona Seay: "Bro is in high school (16 yrs old) and Sis is in college (20 yrs old).

Finding ourselves completely parched, we found a street vendor selling this glorious drink! I came across this picture while assembling our album and thought it was worth sharing! " "My husband and I were married in October and it was absolutely the most amazing day of my life! "Happy doesn't even begin to explain my emotions on that day.

" "After a long day of working hard in the field between jumps and terrain walks, PFC Courtney Smits has a refreshing sip of her Diet Coke to keep her going," says Darnesia Adams. Seth and I both love and our new kitchen is actually a diner style/Coca-Cola-themed, so it only seemed fitting that we pose with Coke and now I have this picture hanging up in our kitchen.

My own grandpa passed a few years ago; as a tradition, he would buy me a Coke and put a handful of peanuts in them." Erin Salinas shares: "We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in the beautiful city of San Francisco in July 2015.

During our stay, we explored the city by foot, walking/hiking from Coit Tower to the infamous Clarion Alley.

"We walked over to the Christmas display to find out he was on break. "I could say a million things, but the one that truly stands out is my better half, my best friend, my partner in crime.

Shawn, asked if I could try to build her a Christmas tree out of Coke bottles. So I tried one more time and this is what happened. " "I was looking out the window at Boston College and I saw the Coke truck drive by," Gieriet Bowen tells us.

"The contrast of the bright white snow, the red Coke truck and the dull building. Such a happy sight." Jessica Haas says: "Dylan and I started dating right around the time that the #Share ACoke campaign began.

From sharing a Coke with my 'soulmate,' 'better half,' ' BFF,' 'bestie,' to '#1fan' we have collected every Coke can that has had very special meaning to us!

I didn't see one of my best friends for six months. My sister snapped this picture right after I said the wrong words in a song.

This was easily the best thing we did together while she was visiting." "There's a little restaurant in our town of Levittown, PA," Tracy Detrick says. Love bringing the family there, and the kids love looking at all of the Coca-Cola memorabilia.

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" Wesley Begay tells us: "My wife and I got married on July 5, 2015, and we invited all of our aunts, uncles and grandparents.