Maya updating frame at time

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By default, Golaem Crowd considers that one Maya Unit equals one meter (with the Maya Linear Working Unit set to "centimeter").

If a simulation has been set (environment, characters...) with the convention one Maya Unit equals one decimeter, the Crowd Unit parameter must be set to "decimeter".

Value used to initialize the Golaem internal random generator.

Two simulations launched with the same parameters and the same seed will produce the exact same results.

Notice that the Nav Mesh Creator also has a Crowd Unit parameter.

It is initialized automatically at the first playblack frame when created and it must be equal or lower than the start frames of the Crowd Fields in the scene.

The only way to interupt a process like that would be to use the main progress bar, set it to interrutable and let the user stop it from there.

UI elements you create by hand won't be live during script execution.

This talk describes the tool improvements Guerrilla Games implemented to make Killzone Shadow Fall shine on the Play Station 4.

It highlights additions to the Maya pipeline, such as Viewport 2.0, Maya's coupling with in-game updates and in-engine deferred renderer features including real-time shadow-casting, volumetric lighting, hardware instancing, lens flares and color grading.

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Changing this value has an influence on the entities placement (see the population tool), the types repartition (see the population tool), some parameters of the Crowd Field and some parameters of the Behaviors and Operators Crowd Unit used in the simulation (see Simulation Unit).

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