Mellody hobson dating george

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Mellody hobson dating george

And there are hourglasses, which Hobson says demonstrate the firm’s thoughtfulness about how time is used.

To help Hobson manage her time, the firm turned a conference room adjoining her office into a nursery for Everest. But Hobson pulls out her phone to show me that that’s not quite accurate: she was actually sending e-mails by A. This is standard for her, even though Hobson, who runs all parts of the firm outside of research and investing, travels constantly.

She's a Mentor: Speaking with, Hobson explained that her firm's founder and then-president, John W.

Rogers, Jr., took an interest in encouraging her from her first day at Ariel Investments, and she's determined to pay that forward. She Gives Back: Per , Mellody "works with a variety of civic and professional institutions," which include serving as board member of the Field Museum, the Chicago Public Education Fund and the Sundance Institute.

A college roommate at Princeton, Ann Davis Vaughan, who is a former reporter and now runs her own research firm, says that she and her husband visited Hobson at her Chicago apartment on the day of her and Lucas’s wedding party.

Hobson chatted with them for 45 minutes or so—and then excused herself to go to the office because she hadn’t yet finished Ariel’s quarterly letter to investors.

But it’s truly how I feel about her.”Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook chief operating officer, who first met Hobson some five years ago because they were both board members at Eve Ensler’s V-Day organization, which combats violence against women, credits a comment Hobson made with inspiring her to write her best-seller, “She said she wanted to be unapologetically black and unapologetically a woman,” Sandberg says, recalling that the comment helped her move past trying to make her gender difference fade into the background. In June 2013, Hobson, who is 45, married George Lucas, the 70-year-old filmmaker who sold his company, Lucasfilm, to Walt Disney in 2012 for more than billion.

Mellody Hobson’s life—from her tough Chicago childhood to success as an investment guru, to her marriage to George Lucas, in 2013—has shattered stereotypes of every kind. Mellody Hobson has a long list of prominent fans whose adoration of her borders on adulation.“She has a grace and graciousness about her that is singular,” Jeffrey Katzenberg, the C. Although the project has faced controversy, with the comparing aspects of the design to Jabba the Hutt and Lucas now saying he may be forced to take it elsewhere, the potential change to the lakefront is a monument to Hobson’s influence—and that she can exert that kind of influence is no surprise to those who know her, including another longtime friend and fan, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.Along one hallway, there are pictures of President Obama, who worked out of Ariel’s offices in 2008 when his permanent offices were being established.There are lots of tortoises, because the tortoise in Aesop’s fable is the slow and steady one who wins the race, and that’s Ariel’s style.You reached this page when attempting to access from .208 on 2016-12-21 GMT. She's Smart, Successful and Financially Savvy: Hobson has been the president of Ariel Investments, a Chicago-based investment management firm, since 2000.2.

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One conference room is named for Warren Buffett, whose investing style Ariel emulates.