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So in many ways the best description of the Diocese of Oxford is that it is the family of the 55,000 or so regular worshippers in these churches.However, the relationship between Church and state in this country means that every one of the 2.2 million or so people who live in our area has a parish church.For a while, the United Methodist Church was an important pillar of the Social Gospel Movement, a Christian social movement which sought to transform American politics and society along lines consistent with the Christian gospel.Hillary Clinton has stated that she believes it was an error for the Methodists to focus so much on social transformation because this took attention away from "questions of personal salvation and individual faith."There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton's religiosity is superficial or an affectation; her behavior is consistent with her professed beliefs and she has explained more than once how important faith is for herself personally and her family.Hillary Clinton can be placed in the moderate to liberal wing of American Christianity, but she appears to share a number of attitudes with more conservative American Christians.Clinton's liberalism is a relative matter: she's more liberal than many in America, and certainly more liberal than the Christian Right, but she has a long way to go to support truly progressive stances when it comes to religious debates.Furthermore, this ensures that there is no reason to hold back in attacks on her: you negotiate and compromise with political equals, not with demons.

And here she is opening up her speech to the Hispanics who actually believe in God...

The diocese sits between the Cotswolds in the west and London to the east.

It extends from tiny rural communities to the vastly different cities of Oxford and Milton Keynes.

By a vote of 428 to 405, delegates agreed to appoint a commission to study the issue.

The church may call a special General Conference in 2018 or 2019 to address the results, Council of Bishops president Bruce Ough told delegates.

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She has also said that prayer - trying to communicate with a god - is important in her life.