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Military online dating jamacia

His wife is not listed on this death certificate, although it states that Walter Mc Causland was married. We next found the marriage of Walter’s son, Walter Augustus Mc Causland, who married Christianna Douglas on Aug. Andrew (Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-1999, Index and Images, 004886003, image 1,760 of 2,381; Registrar General’s Department, Spanish Town).

(You mentioned a Michael Augustus Molloy in your question, but perhaps that information was misstated to you and really referred to your Mc Causland side of the family.) Walter Augustus Mc Causland was 25 years old at the time of his marriage in 1913, placing his birth in 1888, just as you said.

Andrew, Jamaica, on May 30, 1888, to Walter Mc Causeland and Elizabeth Bennett.

His father, Walter Mc Causeland, was a carpenter at the time of his birth.

Mary Jane Davis was also a widow, age 34, and her father’s name was Thomas Haase.

There was no mention of John Mac Cousland’s military rank or military service on this marriage record, unfortunately.

He is Walter Augustus Mc Causland, born in 1888 in Free Town (Mount Olive), St. His father is also Walter Augustus Mc Causland, born about 1861 (I couldn’t find any birth record, so I do not know where he was born). As, of course, you know, the Caribbean island of Jamaica is a member of the Commonwealth, a voluntary group of 53 nations largely made up of former territories of the British Empire.Christianna Douglas was 22 years old, and her father’s name was Daniel Douglas.They were both in the “cultivation” business, and this was their first marriage.I narrowed it down to the Royal Scots (First Regiment of Foot and later Lothian) but still cannot find Michael Molloy in that time frame (1881-1884).Do you think it’s possible he may have been there earlier and maybe stayed over?

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