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“Let You Go," Grace Potter -- Could sit between Adele and Katy, but I'd put it between Aretha and Carole King.203.“Purple Rage,” Dilly Dally -- Mass doesn’t have a monopoly on noise rock.“Livin in the Sunshine,” Louie Bello -- The Boston crooner may never be famous, and that’s a shame.Maybe as a compromise we can all agree the New Kids on the Block (or even JT) need to cover this and make Bello rich.182.

“Ship to Wreck,” Florence the Machine -- You can hear the Coldplay in “Ship to Wreck,” and more.“When Gods Go Mad,” Czarface with GZA -- Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck and Boston’s 7L & Esoteric.Deck return with GZA to raid your vinyl stash and comic book collection. “Close Your Eyes,” Meghan Trainor -- In the moments between the faux hip-hop, thumping beats and big, brass horns, Trainor squeezes some genuine soul into her debut LP: I want the hushed opening of “Close Your Eyes” to go on forever.181.Drumheads slapped with brushes, picked-out acoustic guitar and sparse piano and organ frame some truly lonesome vocals.Best example: the urgent, wounded shout contained in whispers on this tune.200. Misunderstood,” Eric Church -- So modern country, you can produce quality music. “Outta My Mind,” The Arcs -- I like this as much as any Black Keys song.202.

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"Cygnus X-1 Book I The Voyage: Part I/The Story So Far//Part III," Rush -- One of Rush’s weaker live releases, “R40” does contain possibly Neil Peart’s last drum solo laid to tape.185.

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