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Multiple applications updating single database in java

For the following examples I’m going to assume a document which looks something like this: to get it.In the real world, you won’t always know the ID of the document you want.In the last article we covered some basics on using find() to get data from the database.We also showed an example in Exercise4Retrieve Test.You could be looking for all the people with a particular name, for example.In this case, you can create a query document that has the criteria you want: You can find out the number of results: and you can, naturally, iterate over them: A note on batching The cursor will fetch results in batches from the database, so if you run a query that matches a lot of documents, you don’t have to worry that every document is loaded into memory immediately.In the last article, we covered the basics of installing and connecting to Mongo DB via a Java application.

This means that you can do queries for numeric values as well.

For most queries, the first batch returned will be 101 documents.

But as you iterate over the cursor, the driver will automatically fetch further batches from the server.

You can get started with Exercise5Simple Query Test.

Generally speaking, you will read entire documents from Mongo DB most of the time.

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As in the previous article, if you want to follow along and code as we go, you can use these tips to get the tests in the Getting Started project to go green.