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Nairobi live sex show

Health educator Lydiah Njoroge, a field officer for the Freedom for Girls Program, an initiative of HEART (Health Education Africa Resource Team), distributes towels to girls in Mathare, a collection of Nairobi ghettos where poverty is so severe that girls are unable to purchase even the most affordable brands.

"The least [expensive] in the market is 40 shillings ...

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Roughly half of all girls in slums of Kenya have sex with older men in exchange for sanitary napkins.

In response to these estimates, healthcare advocates are distributing napkins to girls as part of a nationwide campaign.

"Then, after doing sex, they left her there." Njoroge says resources in the slums are so scarce that it's often difficult for girls to find any kind of substitute materials.

"These other materials are not also available," she says. So you tear a blanket today - tomorrow, in a year, you don’t have any blanket to cover yourself with." But without sanitary napkins in particular, she says, long-term life goals are compromised, which is why the distribution campaign helps to keep girls like Ivone in school longer.

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So when any man approaches them and they are ready to offer money in exchange for sex, they just say yes." Twelve-year-old Ivone, a student from the Mathare Community Development Education Center, is all too familiar with these exchanges. But me, I said no to sex, but some are poor and they want that, they tell those men to give them money, then they do sex." A 14-year-old friend, she says, has had sex with men her father’s age for money to buy napkins.