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Lucia in the West Indies, to conduct field research and compile vacation-sex best practices for you, dear reader.

Here are 8 reasons it’s okay to have a casual hookup: Sex feels good. Sometimes we really don't need a reason for something other than we want to because we like it. Having orgasms can keep your vagina healthy, give you glowing skin, cure PMS, and make you feel better, among other things. Source: Shutter Stock If your reason for not participating in a casual hookup is because you don't want people to judge you or label you as a slut... Fooling around with someone you're not dating does NOT make you a slut.(Which Rendezvous kindly did for us one night.) Click through to discover our findings, and 11 tips for better vacation sex — from which toys to bring to how to shut down conflict before it begins.depicted rape, sexual assault or just bad sex helped bring the topic to the forefront of the Internet.Casual sex is one of the best ways to do that, because it lets you try different things without any of the emotional attachment that might make things awkward or messy. Source: Shutter Stock Again, this really isn't something you need to justify to anyone. Source: Shutter Stock Do you have casual hookups very often or almost never?

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Hookups can be really fun if you're with the right person, and maybe you need a night of fun like that.

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