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I know sometimes we get caught up in the stardom of the Luns, but I would have to say that without the charismatic Yang Yang, then we wouldn't have not just our newest additions to the panda program, but their brothers and sisters too! Like the other day, he was hanging upside down from his structure trying to play with his enrichment, and self-anointing himself with the various scents we gave him. Xi Lun is managing to stand up on all fours, even if just for a few moments.I also can't forget to mention his most alluring quality, which are what we like to call his Mickey Mouse ears. She is still a bit wobbly, but has been able to take maybe one step before tumbling over.So you may see Ya Lun and Xi Lun in the dayroom on Panda Cam, but the viewing area will not be open until they have all had time to adjust, explore, and get comfortable.Stay tuned for updates on when sightings may begin for Zoo guests!

Moving the cubs into the dayroom is all Lun Lun’s choice.We do not encourage or discourage this as we want Lun Lun to exhibit natural behaviors and have the freedom to take her cubs where she wants to.But to ensure that the cubs have time to adjust to the mulch floor, the brighter lights, and all the different sights and smells of the dayroom, we are keeping this area closed to guests for now.And she is concerned that the attacker may have found her through Facebook.Late last month, she received a notice from the social media service stating that her painting violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act — even though, as the creator of the work, she is the true copyright holder.

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Black Honda Civic with a group of people in the car."When Gore first posted her Trump painting to the Internet three months ago, it immediately garnered saturation media coverage.

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