Older lesbian dating younger woman organic material carbon dating

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Older lesbian dating younger woman

The thing is, I find the above qualities to be attractive in a human of any age.

Lest anyone tries to hurl accusations of fetishism, I should clarify that I’ve also dated my peers, but the noteworthy age gap has shown up enough in my more serious relationships to be worth exploring.Non-traditional age gaps between women in same-sex relationships are nothing new, but the mainstream celebration of these couples entered the zeitgeist in 2015 in an unprecedented manner.As someone who has had multiple relationships with women 10 or more years older than me, the emergence of this dynamic modeled in popular culture has provided cause for excitement, as well as an opportunity for self-reflection.The first steps on my journey to becoming an adult who shuns ageism had little to nothing to do with being queer.Rather, it began with a childhood of formative familial friendships with my brother and older cousins, mostly male.

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