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Mom and I lived togeather from the time she got a divorced from Dad until I left home for the service at 18.As far back as I can remember she was never shy and walked around the house topless.I knew I just had to fuck you and I was right you cunt is great.Now I am going to cum in your cunt and then watch as it runs out of your pussy."" If you want a real good fuck,relax I let me do the work" she said.

You object, well to bad."My hard cock slid into her wet hole with no trouble.

I crept into the house and heard screams and moans coming from Mom's room. She was now putting her fingers in her clit and rubbing.

I peeked in to see her getting fucked hard by a big man. She had on just her robe and I could see her tits real clear and her nipples were hard. Mom's robe fell open and for the first time I saw her hairy cunt. The man in the movie stood up and put his cock to the woman's mouth as she woman opened her mouth so did my mom. Mom was not paying any attention to me so I took out my cock and started to rub it.

As she did her legs came apart and her pussy opened.

I dropped to my knees and put my face in it just as the man in the movie did. She tried to push me off,but I was not done with her yet.

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She screamed" you can't want to fuck your oun mother." " Mom, your cunt feels so good to my cock you are my first piece of ass"I replyed. "I kept talking and as I did I noticed I was not in a hurry to cum.

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