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If they are the genuine article (and not someone trying to scam you) they will stick around and wait until you are comfortable with meeting them in person.

In order to ensure that your initial email invites a response, keep it brief, keep it light and don’t go into too much detail about yourself.Always remember that anything really worthwhile is worth waiting for and developing a solid online friendship will be a good foundation for what comes later.Never jump right into meeting someone you have just met online.When you first join a senior dating service, you’ll be keen to make contact with that special someone who you know is out there somewhere.But when you do take the plunge, how do you make contact with them and what mistakes should you avoid? After you have browsed the profiles and found a few that you like, there are several ways you can make contact with the people you have chosen.

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With Instant Messaging, you are typing your messages and then sending them so they appear instantly on your contact’s computer.

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