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Painting validating artist

A different kind of Thomson expert, Bouma is an obsessive who is responsible for the Tom Thomson Last Spring blog and Twitter feed.The federal civil servant turned amateur Thomson sleuth believes the mysterious sketch depicts not a villa in the mountains but Mowat Lodge in Algonquin Park, where Thomson often painted.But he ultimately declined to offer a definitive opinion, saying his investigation had reached a dead end.(Thomas is no longer with Ritchies, but still keeps tabs on the sketch.) But others continued the authentication effort, including Tim Bouma.

The sketch, an 18.5- x 24-cm oil-on-paperboard, depicts a building in what some say appears to be a mountain setting.Postings of a commerical nature are not allowed on the Forum but can usually be posted on the Message Board.Click here for the Message Board Note that our new forum format not only allows two different viewing styles for messages, but also allows you to upload an image directly from your computer to accompany your posting.Irrelevant or multiple posting will be treated as Spam and deleted.Postings that are inappropriate, of an overly personal nature, or are deemed to be pure nonsense, will not be validated.

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