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Parminder dating

Although Nagra had cut her teeth in television and, to a lesser extent, in radio, her stage performances are perhaps the most noteworthy element in her corpus of work during her London years.

Not long after "Fair Ladies at a Game of Poem Cards", Nagra was cast in 1997's "Oh Sweet Sita", an adaptation of Indian mythology about , it would be five more years before the spectacular results of their collaboration would materialize.

The story was included into the film to explain the burn of Parminder's character (in the movie stating she was burned while making beans on toast).

Nagra attended Northfield House Primary School in Leicester.

At the age of seven, Nagra suffered a burn that resulted in the ".

While preparing a meal, a gas stove set her trousers alight.

Nagra sometimes describes herself as having "fallen into"After "Sleeping Beauty", Nagra worked with small Indian theatre companies such as Tara Arts and Tamasha.

In 1997, Nagra appeared in the three-part drama "Turning World", starring girl in "Arena: The Veil", a docu-drama about women who choose to wear the Muslim head scarf.At her comprehensive school, in the youth orchestra and also appeared in her first theatrical productions.In 1991, at the age of 16, Nagra took a job as an usher at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre, ostensibly to watch and learn from the local talent.However, pulling off the role was no small feat considering that the then-26-year-old actress had never played football and was portraying a character nearly a decade younger than she was.An intensive ten-week training course of the game " The hard work paid off as Nagra learned to "bend" or curve the ball in flight, as she did in one particularly memorable backyard scene.

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