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Pc dating sims in english

My Sweet Prince (Google Play and i Tunes)*Shall We Date?

The Nilfheim (Google Play and i Tunes)*Shall We Date?

Just a note, I’m just adding all the games with female protagonists that use choices leading to certain endings that may include a lover, so I use the term “otome game” in the loosest sense.

But if you play them, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

If there’s any problems with the links or misinformation please let me know!

There’s a lot of other options you can check, like different genre’s, how long the game is, what romanceable characters there are, etc. 街で噂の伯爵様 is a freeware game that’s going to be re-released fully voiced for Google Play and the PC. There are two versions of it on Google Play, so if you want it free, make sure you get the one that says free.

(The artist for this game is also the artist for Ozmafia! Sma Kare might start with only ~5 tickets per day (it actually recharges 1 ticket every 3 hours or so) but once you start finishing routes/getting endings for characters in their game, the max ticket number increases so you might be able to get more.

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Cafe Rouge Castle Chase Clockwork City Cute Demon Crashers Days of the Divine (Also available on Google Play)Doppelganger: Dawn of the Inverted Soul Double Romance Elvine The Empty Orchestra Fae Fantasia: Requiem of the Abyss Fantasia, The Realm of Thanos Fate/Knight Rhapsody ACT 1 (incomplete)Freak-Quency Frozen Essence Get Dumped ☆Halloween Otome Heartful Chance Heartstring Bugs Heavenly Playgirl Dating Sim Idol Crush Ishara: Bane of the Seas I want 2 be Single Jurassic Heart (Both online & downloadable)Kaleidoscope 2The Knife of a Traitor Love Blossom Extended (Also available on Google Play)Lunar Chime (Demo only)Magical Otoge Ciel Memento Dears Memoirs of an Angel*My Candy Love (Requires signing up)My Raising Diary My Sunshine My Teacher One Leaf Clover Orange Couch Other Age Nachtigal (Actually a pay-what-you-want download, but I encourage you if you can, donate! Pizz’Amore(P)lanets- the life of normalcy has ended!

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