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Posted by / 17-Sep-2016 01:36

MODs, extensions and styles are what immediately come to mind when thinking of the php customisation database, but there are other types of customisations too.

This part of php BB Numerology takes a look at every type of customisation.

We believe that this is the best solution to our current problem, namely that it provides a necessary revenue stream for the project while not negatively affecting the usability of the php BB software.

The new extension allows php BB users to support the php BB project or alternatively elect to monetize their forums using a service called Vig Link.

If you enable the Vig Link extension, whenever a user follows a link from your forum to any of Vig Link’s partner websites and performs certain actions (such as making a purchase), a referral credit will be generated.

When they run through successfully, this is noted in green on Git Hub so the developer reviewing the changes can be certain it did not unintentionally break other php BB features.

We’re still working out some kinks and trying to improve it, and the improved version of prosilver will ship with Alpha2 soon!

In other news, our Travis CI build matrix has been updated to run our tests on Maria DB in addition to My SQL and Postgre SQL.

It’s not surprising to see php BB tools well represented on the list.

Auto MOD and UMIL alone represented 208720 downloads respectively – very popular tools.

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The first figure that sticks out in this table is the the 52.02 views per download for bb Code. Taking the fairly popular bb Code “Open URL in new window” as an example, it’s had 8026 views and 0 downloads. Because there is nothing to download – the instructions are on the main contribution page: https:// MODs, due to their prevalence in the php BB2 and php BB 3.0 era, are still the undisputed king of the customisation database and will take some catching up.