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Between each date, a little time was allocated for members to make notes on their dates using their 'Speeding Ticket'.The event continued until everyone had met each other.Once the dating part of the evening started, those with badge number one started at table number one, those with badge number two at table number two and so on.After four minutes, a horn was sounded, the girls stayed seated and all the guys moved round one table.Well, I’ve got a boyfriend but I just had to sit in, didn't I?The poor men wouldn't have had anyone to talk to for a whole four minutes if it wasn't for me! It’s amazing how much you get to know someone in just four minutes… Some people didn't even want to find love; it was just a way to meet new people or something to do for a laugh.

My partner is fine with this, just make that clear. I'm a 22 y-o portuguese ''adorkable epitome of a pseudo~geek rocker chick'' so I've been told, which I'm fine with : since I'm not very good at these things, (I know I know, cliche you think! •Eating out •good wine •Art •love a good book •films either watching at home or the … i'm a nerdy witchy woman who loves writing and crying over characters i've made up, i watch too much tv and if you want to chat about hannibal, da vinci's demons, doctor who, the x-files, true detective, sherlock etc etc, then you're very …Hi, I'm Marie, I'm a 22 year old single mum from preston.I've never tried online dating before to look for a female partner so it's all new to me.

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