Principals dating teachers

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They seek ways to give their students a real world application for knowledge, taking learning to the next action-packed level.Think tactile, unexpected, movement-oriented, and a little bit crazy... The best teachers live outside of their own needs and remain sensitive to the needs of others, including students, parents, colleagues, and the community.Once the basic studies have been completed, students may begin preparation to become a mujtahid by studying advanced ancient textbooks known as sat'h, and research courses known as kharij.To be a mujtahid one has to excel in the advanced levels of the Hawza including Muqad'dim'maat, Sotooh, Sotooh 'Ulya, 'Uloom ukhra and Bahath Kharij.However, several smaller hawzas exist in other cities around the world, such as at Karbala, Iraq, Isfahan and Mashhad in Iran, Beirut, Lebanon, Lucknow, India, Lahore, Pakistan, Europe and North America.There are also a number of women's hawza, mostly located in Iran.Here are the qualities I feel contribute most to a successful, durable, and happy teaching career: The most effective teachers expect great accomplishments from their students, and they don't accept anything less.In education, expectations form a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In Khorasan with its clerical center of Mashhad, the women's maktabs came under the aegis of the state-run Centre for Management of Women’s Seminaries of Khorasan.

Bahath e Kharij is the last level of hawzah and this level leads to Marja'iya, to become a marja' one has to teach dars e khaarij for considerable amount of time, publish collection of juridical edicts (risala ‘amaliyya) and recognised as one (by established Maraji).

The teachers I admire most are those who remain intellectually curious and professionally vital both inside and outside the classroom for decades.

In the rest of the country, women's seminaries were integrated into the Centre for Management of Women’s Seminaries (Markaz-e Modiriat-e Ḥawzahā-ye ʿElmiyya Khwaharān).

Since the mid-1990s the latter center has established more than 300 seminaries across Iran (before the revolution less than a dozen existed in the entire country).

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They leap outside of the classroom walls and take their students with them!