Quaternary dating methods walker

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Quaternary dating methods walker

(2006): Mesolithic burning in the uplands of Wales: evidence from Esgair Ffraith, near Lampeter, west Wales. (2004): Palaeoenvironmental evidence: Introduction (pp 30-34); Pollen evidence (with J. J., Jones, S., Parfitt, K., Parfitt, S., Pedley, M., Preece, R.

R., Bates, S., Jones, S., Schwenninger, J.-L., Walker, M.

He was a member of the NERC Earth Sciences Peer Review Committee (1999-2002), of the Services Review Group (2001), and of the EFCHED (Environmental Factors in the Chronology of Human Evolution and Dispersal) Steering Committee (2001-2006).

He has been President of the Quaternary Research Association of Great Britain (1999-2002), and Editor of (1995-1999).

(2007): Craig-y-Fro: pollen stratigraphy and dating (pp 128-129); Craig-y-Fro Quarry (with J.

2nd edition, Pearson International, London, 348 pp.

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