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There was no leadership just white dudes helping out other white dudes they seen wearing white berets. The leader called himself "Mud"because he said if you fought him, that's where you'd end up.

The Brothers Of Brighton hung around Brighton Park they wore gray and purple sweaters and fought with the Latin Lords.

Our lunch club has purple shirts and gold lettering across the shirt pocket, after our school colors Purple and Gold of St. The Aristocrats were fighting with The Latin Lords & Young Savages from 38th s Kedzie that neighborhood was known as "Little Mexico".

The Wood Street Walkers got their name because they were a bunch of young guys, without drivers licenses, who walked Wood Street.

The Cornell Dukes were the Cherry Busters prior to becoming the Dukes.

Beef Ranch, a group that hung around the restaurant by that name at 63d and Keating. Our club on Polk and western in Chicago was called the Sabres SAC formed about 1957'. Romeo and acronym for Retired Old Men Eating Out, we get a lot of fun out of it.

The late 50's until mid 60's the Laflin Drifters hung around 65 and laflin, by John;s store and Oscars food mart.

They were there when the neighborhood was changing in the late sixty's.

We would have dance socials at our hi school and we were a club of hi school members that had Pinacle tournaments and sports against other clubs. 15 old men in purple and gold shirts having lunch at some of our favorite restaurants that are still around.

Our Graduation class of 1960 had its 50 reunion and there are about 15 of us who still live in Chicago or suburbs and have lunch at least once a month. There was also Aristocrats on the southside they hung around Archer Park after the LAs broke up. They wore gray & black sweaters and some hung out at 47th and Avers.

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51st St Romans gang started out about 1955 at 50th and Hoyne with 15 members Had a club house in a garage on 50th st just west of Hoyne for a while then moved o N to 51st & Damen hangout was Minosos & J.