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"Sexuality is a wonderful, positive part of our lives from birth to death," she said.Here's a recap from yesterday's chat: Reader Aust2GR wanted to know at what age is it appropriate to talk to kids about sex.

After 38 years of helping hundreds of parents and kids, Lunquist is retiring.

We need to give the proper names to all of the body parts.

So sexuality education is ongoing, mostly not formal, and certainly not a one-shot "talk." Reader veggiegirl11 asked if there's anything she can tell her daughter to encourage her to stay true to herself. She is one of the few girls in her class that isn't already obsessed with boys and wearing makeup.

Babies know if we are comfortable with touching and cuddling.

We often hold girl babies differently than we do boy babies.

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Please, however, have age appropriate books on their shelves so they can follow up as they need to and don't forget to check out the books, parent toolkit and our website lots of good resources.