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Ravi jain dating

A feast called the Brahmins' feast or Brahma Bhojan is held where kith and kin and members of the caste are invited Andhra Pradesh : In Andhra Pradesh, Vishwakarmas are called Vishwabrahmins or Vishwakarma Brahmins.

The Vishwakarmas, apart from the five traditional occupations, are also engaged in veda adhyana.

The Panchals were not even allowed to tie the dhoti - a cloth worn between legs and around the waist - a mark of Brahminical rank.

The Peshwas belonged to the Chitpavan Brahmin caste and were actually late migrants to India, having arrived from the Middle East and Central Asia.

The Peshwas competed with the Panchals, who saw themselves as being the original Brahmins and first builders of the Aryan Vedic civilization.

Nelson Hindu Law, Page 139-140 states - "The refusal of many castes in ancient times to accept the Brahmins as their pastors and masters would seem to have bred a hereditary feud between castes.

Frequent attempts were made in the days preceding British rule to deny them the rights to these Brahmanic privileges; but when the decision of pandits, or religious advisers when referred to, was in their favor." - James Hastings.

Though the Panchals, also known as Vishwakarma Brahmins, held great importance in olden times, some Brahmins refused to accept Panchals as being Brahmins. During Peshwa Brahminical rule, the Panchals suffered much.

In south of India the goldsmith’s appear to have strenuously resisted the aggressive supremacy of Brahmans and have, for ages, claimed for themselves the right to be priests and spiritual guides styling themselves as Acharyas (religious teacher) by wearing the sacred thread.Veda Pathashala, in Tenali, founded in 1893, belongs to Vishwabrahmins and has produced thousands of vedic purohits and another vedic school, Patnala Sanyasirao, Veda Pathashala at Brahmamgarimatham.Kadapa has produced hundreds of vedic purohits by providing free food and accommodation.In many sacrifices, like the Rajasuya, the Rathakara played a role as recipient of the offerings (ratnina). The art of engraving & sculpture had attained a high stage of development. They spread gradually towards the south and then reached Ceylon, Burma & Java.

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Meharban, a British collector, in his book ‘Bombay Gazetteer’ states in Solapur Vol XX page 125: "Panchals are composed of five classes: goldsmiths, bronzesmiths, blacksmiths, carpenters and masons.

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