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Chili Palmer (John Travolta), after years of filmmaking, enters the music industry after witnessing the execution, by the head of the Russian mob, of his friend Tommy Athens (James Woods), owner of a record company.

Chili uses the opportunity to help his friend's widow, Edie Athens (Uma Thurman), manage the failing business, which owes 0,000 to the hip hop producer Sin La Salle (Cedric the Entertainer).

Carr and Raji take exception to Chili's intervention, and hire a hitman, Joe "Loop" Lupino (Robert Pastorelli) to kill Chili.

In the meantime, Chili convinces Edie to produce Moon, hoping to resurrect Athens' failing record company through a live performance with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith.

Carr is furious about the mistake and orders Raji to confront Loop at once.

At a restaurant, he informs Loop about Carr's anger with him and warns him to do his job properly.

Finally when Raji and Elliot threaten Chili, he again befriends Elliot when Edie helps him figure out how to answer his cell phone message on it.

This was Robert Pastorelli's final film, as he died one year before its theatrical release.Furious, La Salle and the Dub MD pay Carr a visit to confront him in his office.Believing that Carr tricked him by giving the ticket to the police, Bulkin and his men pay a visit to Carr's office while Sin La Salle and the Dub MD's are there.During all of this confusion, Chili squeezes in a dance scene with Edie (a nod to his "Twist Contest" scene, also with Thurman, in Pulp Fiction) and Moon gets her debut with Aerosmith.Finally, La Salle becomes the producer for Moon and Elliot embarks on a successful acting career (his first film is with Nicole Kidman).

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Now the cops, instead of Chili, pay the Russians a visit.