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Bruna Marquezine Ah yes, those 20-year-olds who are richer and more famous than you’ll ever be.Bruna Marquezine started out her career early as a child star on novelas like s.But to gossip about the local celebrity scene like a real Brazilian, pick up a copy of and read on for a brief introduction to who’s who.Anitta If you’ve been to a nightclub anywhere in Latin America in the past few years, surely you’ve heard Anitta’s megahit, Show das Poderosas.

We’re sorry but that Escobar mustache does nothing for your face, Wagner.

Marquezine is often spotted toting shopping bags from Sephora and Forever 21 around the Barra shopping mall. They’re just like us.) Chico Buarque Francisco “Chico” Buarque is a Brazilian icon – his idolatry is on par with the likes of Frank Sinatra, and he has the soulful blue eyes to match.

In the 1960s and 70s he came to fame for his music of protest against the military government – some of which even landed him in jail and a stint in exile – and he’s extended his creativity to writing literature and plays.

By 18 she was already part of that elite celebrity club of WAGs as the girlfriend of Neymar, though the two broke up in 2014.

It should come as no surprise that she is also a spokesperson for beauty brands like Maybelline and Garnier – just look how nice her hair is!

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And where does one go to spot Rio’s rich and famous?