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It brings back memories of ripped jeans and a pair of peroxide twins singing, 'When, will I, will I be famous? " I'd say no, I was a musician and they'd go, "Oh, good luck with it." And I'd headlined Wembley Stadium.' Here in the Nevada Desert, Goss has reinvented himself as a new Sinatra.

' Matt Goss must hate that song, 23 years after he sang it with his brother Luke in their boy band, Bros. A Peckham boy updating the moves Ol' Blue Eyes invented.

I sang with Matt at Wembley.' This turns out to be one-time pop starlet Debbie Gibson. As Goss walks through the casino, flanked by bodyguards, on his way to the show, a lone voice from the card tables shouts out: 'Douche bag!

' The singer spins on his heels, outruns his guards and goes close up, face to face with the offender. For the past couple of years I have had a Bentley, I've had an Aston Martin, I drive a Mercedes CL65 right now.

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It takes a long time, and you have to deal with that.

When the band broke up we had even more fans outside the house.

People taunted him with it after the act fell apart, when it emerged that the twins had blown - or been cheated out of - all their money. And rather than running him out of town for the cheek of it, the Americans have fallen for Goss in a way they never did before.

Never mind the 11 hit singles, Bros became known as icons of Eighties excess who wept when their matching red Porsches were towed away. 'I said the only way I'd come back to Britain is if I could play the Royal Albert Hall and perform on my own terms, doing the same thing as I do here - a big show with the dancers and all the glamour. I am so proud of the Bros days, and I will put some of those hits in, but this show is a coming of age for me, and that's what I want people to see.' At Caesar's, hotel president Gary Selesner says he intends to employ Goss as the resident singer 'pretty much forever.

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'I felt so alone, immediately going from having bodyguards and 400 people outside my house to being completely on my own in another country. He's good-looking, suave, charming, the kind of guys Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were when they sang here.' Let's be frank: while Sinatra did indeed drink and even sing in the Barge, it was usually after performing at the resort's larger showroom.