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Royal doulton identifying marks dating

A "Royal Warrant" is a stamp of quality and excellence, and is bestowed upon companies that are regular suppliers of the British Royal family.The Doulton marks are many and varied but most follow the same theme.Royal Doulton is a centuries-old British manufacturer of stoneware, china dishware and figurines.Royal Doulton stamped pieces with identifying marks and symbols that provide collectors with important information about origin, age and value.

Robert Allen handpainted wares were never produced in large quantities and many were never repeated. My grandmother gave me her antique china set before she passed away. Unfortunately, all it says on the bottom is "Westinghouse." I know she had them for at least 50 years. By Susan BNoritake china is ubiquitous in this country and most commonly used in restaurants, homes, airlines, etc. John Ridgeway was appointed potter to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, earning a high commendation at the 1851 Exhibition. You can also search "completed" items and set "follow this search" to get emails every time your item gets a new listing. I have a small saucer that I would like to figure out what it is worth! Check out their website at and keep us posted on what you find out! By fyfer from Colchester, VTI have a huge set of Noritake china, pattern N 1285. By Debbie I have a 22-piece espresso and dessert demitasse set, made by Schwarzenhammer Bavaria West Germany. You can also consign the set or try an auction house for a value estimate. Go to to find out about your china piece - they are right up the road from me - its truly wonderful to go see all of their china pieces that they have; the place is HUGE..will buy from you OR you can sell to them.The dates given below give a close approximation of when the designs were produced.RA-1 is repeated twice and it should be noted that the re-setting of the number marries up with the new Doulton lion and crown mark. are many and varied as Doulton marked their wares from the very start.

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Between 18, Henry and James Doulton acquired a major interest in the Pinder Bourne factory in Nile Street, Burlsem and changed the name to Doulton & Company, Burlsem. The following tables contain a selection of the most commonly used BURSLEM and LAMBETH ware marks.

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