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Royalty dating reality show

To anyone who didn’t make the connection with his last name, Kevin’s uncle Mike is a founding member of the Beach Boys.

After all, the only reason to live in Wellington is if you like horses.

After we finished the scenes, Carmen excused the guy I was reading with and said, ‘this will never happen to you again for the rest of your career, but you booked the role before you came in.’ I’m not sure what Steven and the producers saw in me, but I’m glad they saw something they liked! didn’t actually purchase rights to the movie until it was already cast, blowing a hole in the theory that her place in Hollywood was pre-ordained.

Despite the allegations of nepotism, Cody Horn appears to be on the rise within the entertainment industry even without the help of her dad.

Ironically, both Kevin Love and his girlfriend Cody Horn have strong connections to the entertainment industry.

While Horn’s father is her link to Hollywood, Love’s uncle is a part of music royalty himself.

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