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Orthodox Christian-influenced movements in Romania, such as the Iron Guard and Lăncieri, which have been characterized by Yad Vashem and Stanley G.

Payne as anti-semitic and fascist, respectively, were responsible for involvement in the Bucharest pogrom, and for political murders during the 1930s.

The anti-balaka are made up of people of all kinds, terribly enraged, and including many people whom we call the 'dispossessed' – bandits, ex-prisoners, delinquents, criminals – who have got involved in these groups and are now extending, like a plague of locusts, across the whole of the CAR, murdering Muslims".

Samba-Panza was viewed as having been neutral and away from clan clashes.

The Muslim population of Bangui had dropped from 138,000 to 900.Her arrival to the presidency was generally accepted by the anti-balaka.Following the election, Samba-Panza made a speech in the parliament appealing to the anti-balaka to put down their weapons.Vehemently anti-Catholic, Klan members had an explicitly Protestant Christian terrorist ideology, basing their beliefs in part on a "religious foundation" in Protestant Christianity.The goals of the KKK included, from an early time onward, an intent to "reestablish Protestant Christian values in America by any means possible", and they believed that "Jesus was the first Klansman." From 1915 onward, Klansmen conducted cross-burnings not only to intimidate targets, but also to demonstrate their respect and reverence for Jesus Christ, and the ritual of lighting crosses was steeped in Christian symbolism, including prayer and singing hymns.

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