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It is important to stand back a bit when your Scorpio is in full tilt, because getting in his/her way can often lead to catastrophe.And don’t for one minute think that if your partner fails in their endeavor that they will be satisfied and give up, on the contrary the Pluto in their sign allows for a depth of understanding that will get back in the belly of the beast and retool whatever needs to be fixed and get back on course.Scorpio One of the most rewarding and yet dangerous lovers to become involved with in the intense power the Scorpion Planetary alignment.Even though Pluto is a relatively new planet (in terms of our discovery of its strange elliptical orbit, which happened in 1930) its effects on Scorpio’s has always been there, quietly driving and defining their characteristics.

He/she is the one at the bar with their arm around a complete stranger sharing a drink and talking of life, but at the same time they are evaluating and manipulating, drawing people into their inner circle quickly and efficiently.

What makes Scorpio, who likes a steadfast love, fall for Gemini, who likes to rotate lovers quickly to stave off boredom?

What makes Gemini, who is open and exhibitionist, become enamored with a closed-off, though fascinating, introvert? Constant mental stimulation and vigorous physical exchanges.

The opposite sex is always overly fond of your Scorpio and people in their life seem adopt their mannerisms and turns of phrase, without even really noticing it.

But here is key, the blending of intense social interactivity and secret internal intellect create a volcano-like rumbling, threatening to blow and destroy everything around them, and that unfortunately can include lovers and friends.

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It pits an individual who loves the intuitive, psychic senses with a person who negotiates life through the five concrete senses.

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