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Scott speedman dating history

Only then does she learn that all that weird Freemason stuff on the History Channel is real and she’s in charge of handling the decision-making that’s too unsavory for public consumption.

It’s not the FBI or the CIA but the VP who decides if a kidnapped senator’s daughter is worth saving, who makes the call to dispatch that network of international criminals (who are in the first episode Russians, obvs).

She’s reviewing security footage from a secret Batcave in the basement of her house.

Maccabee is introduced to her new duties by her seemingly omniscient butler named Malcolm, the Alfred to her Bruce Wayne, as played by Gerald Mc Raney.

Host Ty Andrews (Scott Speedman) introduces Grant, who greets all the women and is asked to eliminate the losers, which he does by shooting them one by one.Julia goes to work at her father Frank's (Eddie Griffin) Greek diner.There she meets Grant Fockyerdoder, with whom she forms an instant attraction.TNT’s new action drama “Agent X” offers one possible answer: The VP’s real job is to do the government’s dirtiest work in secret so that the president can enjoy some plausible deniability.It’s a clever idea, but as if desperately in need of a sort of viewer insurance policy, “Agent X” is structured a bit like your average case-of-the-week serial, replete with long shoot-out scenes, hostage scenarios and some flirty repartee between two hot assassins trying to kill each other.

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