Secular dating

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Secular dating

It should go without saying these irritating experiences are a facet of dating across religions, as well as sexes and sexual orientations. ”It may be the biggest reason why now I give greater pause when a friend from college (Jewish but with an emphasis on the ish) says “Finding the right person is hard enough as it is. ”Riley, herself, is Jewish and married a man who is not.

We’ve left our parents’ home; we’re living in this single netherworld, moving to different cities.Yet, at the same time, it also reminded me of some of my friends who have not so-distant cousins who perished in the Holocaust; two generations later and an intermarriage or two along the way, they do not think of themselves as Jewish at all.Granted, there’s hardly a simple and direct relationship between such full-on assimilation.According to a 2013 survey from the Pew Research Center, the rate of intermarriage among non-Orthodox Jews is 71 percent.Thus, statistically, as an American Jew who is not Orthodox, there are overwhelming odds that I will, ultimately, marry someone who is not Jewish—if I marry at all (the fast-growing number of single Americans suggest there’s also a decent shot I won’t wed).

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I felt that was a very hypocritical message growing up.”Golin said his family’s views on his marrying outside the Jewish faith had significantly changed by the time he walked down the aisle “Here’s a secret,” he told me with a laugh.