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To start with, most airlines will be happy to provide you and your child with faster check-in and boarding procedures to lessen your child’s anxiety by avoiding the long lines you would typically encounter.

Any time you expose your autistic child to new events, places, people and sounds it is a good idea to prepare your child for the new experience with a few basic techniques.or aerophobia, is a condition in which a person has extreme anxiety any time he or she is forced to travel in an airplane – that is, if he or she can be forced to do so at all.But if you are like many parents who have a child with ASD, you may suffer from a different condition: Some parents would rather drive their child halfway across the country than try to deal with the special challenges that airplanes and airports create for a child with autism.One option is to have whatever medication your doctor recommends that will slightly sedate your child during the course of the flight.Common sedatives in this group are or Promethazine (Phenergan), which are over-the-counter antihistamines, but make sure you have consulted your pediatrician regarding which sedative to use and what dose can be safely administered to your child.

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