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Kathy said: “When I first found the text messages, I was in utter shock – I was sat there, hunched-foreword, shaking and sweating, and I actually dropped the phone onto the floor.I was worried that I had destroyed any evidence of this man’s unacceptable conversations with my daughter.He had initially come to the attention of undercover Gardaí when he began making contact with teenage girls on internet chat rooms.When Gardaí raided his home they found child pornography and further enquiries led them to realise that he had groomed a 14 year old girl for two months in 2010.Online grooming is where someone with a sexual interest in children uses social media, online chat, messaging apps or text messages to build a relationship with young people.

After a while he started “sexting” the girl, sending her pornographic images and then groomed her to carry out sexual acts.As a parent you might think that this is something that could not happen to your child.However, kids are very trusting and groomers are highly manipulative. In March 2013, 42 year old Cathal Donnelly from Roscommon was jailed for nine years after using Facebook to groom a 14 year old girl.This all happened within about a week – I can’t believe how quickly he advanced.I thought he was trusting, I thought he was listening to me, but it turns out, he had a different agenda.” During a conversation with a friend on an instant messenger service, Amy, accidentally sent her mobile number to Randall, instead of her friend.

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