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Sex chatbot a

, which launched last Tuesday for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Normally she's wearing a huge parka, but today she's bent over a chair in the snow and missing her pants.

More than two-thirds of men recruited for a sexbot study say they would give sex robots try.

About two-thirds of women in the same study say they would not try a sex robot.

"If you guys are fine with this then, eh, we will go back to making Asari do all sorts of things.Debates about sex robots typically focus on either the crude robotic sex toys of today or Hollywood’s science fiction fantasies such as “A. But there has been surprisingly little effort to find out what people think about robots and sex in the real world.That is why researchers at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts set out to discover out what people think sex robots should look like and what uses of such robots would be considered appropriate.It happens with every video game, and as we found out in an interview with one of these nude model creators last year, it's a passion project.For some reason, perhaps because of Blizzard's terrific character design, porn is more popular than other video game porn.

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Word that videos were being taken down started spreading a couple of days ago when a Reddit user by the name of "spornm" wrote a post describing how a reported violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act led to the removal of one of his porn creations featuring PCGames N discovered the claims of copyright violations are actually coming from a digital security company known as Irdeto USA, and it's currently thought—based only on the specific subject of the content, really—that Blizzard may have outsourced to Irdeto in order to flush this stuff out.

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