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During the first Christmas under America's new Constitution, the Congress was in session.This fact may seem odd today, but at the time Christmas was not a major Christian holiday.The Roman Catholic Church made its first steps in North America when the colony ships "Dove" and "Ark" arrived in Maryland with 128 Catholic colonists.The members of this group had been chosen by Cecilius Calvert, second Lord Baltimore and the colony itself would be led by Leonard Calvert, Lord Baltimore's brother. Williams had argued against civil punishments for religious crimes and, as a result of his expulsion from the colony, he founded the town of Providence and the new colony of Rhode Island, specifically as a place of refuge for those seeking religious freedom.Senator (later President) James Buchanan introduced a resolution in the United States Senate that the United States be declared a Christian Nation and acknowledge Jesus Christ as America's Savior.The resolution was rejected, but man similar resolutions would be introduced during the following years, including at least one that would have amended the Constitution.

Coke was later instrumental in the development and growth of Methodism in North America.

The Maryland Assembly passed the Toleration Act, providing protection to Roman Catholics against Protestant harassment and discrimination, a problem which had been on the increase due to the growing power of Oliver Cromwell in England.

After two years, two key laws were repealed by the General Court of Massachusetts: one which prohibited people from observing Christmas and another that set capital punishment for Quakers who returned to the colony after being banished. Mather, who had written about the existence of demonic and spectral phenomena in the world, suspected that witchcraft might have been the cause of his first-born son's demise.

Richard Allen was ordained a deacon of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Allen would later go on to found the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church and become the first African-American bishop in the United States.

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As a matter of fact, Christmas had a bad reputation among many Christians as a time of un-Christian excess and partying.

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