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Additionally, divorced people are out of practice when it comes to dating, so it can be challenging even for the most social of creatures.

Often, people coming out of divorce are either too hesitant or too quick to start dating again.

If you thought dating was difficult before you got married, it doesn’t get any easier after divorce.

Everyone has baggage, but divorced people often tend to carry more of it, especially when they’re just returning to the dating scene.

As published in the October 2006 Edition of the Holmen Courier and Onalaska Community Life.

Also, check out some books on the grief process as it relates to divorce.

Having a successful date (or two or three or four) can help you affirm your positive qualities, demonstrate you can have fun again and assure you that other people still find you attractive in a number of ways.

In the end, that’s a wonderful way to overcome the loss of a failed marriage.

It also gives you time to reassess where you are in your life, what went wrong in your marriage relationship and what you want out of future relationships.

If you begin dating and find that you are depending on that other person to make you feel better about yourself and less lonely and are waiting by the phone every night for him or her to call, those are indicators you may need more time to become emotionally stronger before becoming involved with someone again. When you do become intimate, be smart about it and practice safe sex.

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