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Not one copy in KVK; not one copy of this edition in Italian libraries. His work 'Res Gestae', meant to continue the work of the Roman historian Tacitus, describes the history of Rome from Nerva till the downfall of the emperor Valens in 378 in 31 books. 'Ammianus' Gesammtleistung reiht ihn unter die grossen Historiker Roms ein'. 598) His style is not polished, but rather harsh and obscure, the style of a soldier and a Greek.

Hamburg (Hamburgi), Ex Bibliopolio Frobeniano, 1609. He carried arms under the emperors Constantius, Julian and Valens.

The manner of the narrative is a laconic and conversational prose. The German philologist Wilhelm Xylander (Holzmann), 1532-1576, was professor of Greek at Heidelberg.

He published the 'editio princeps' of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (1558), and of Antoninus Liberalis in 1568.

He published the editio princeps of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (1558), and of Antoninus Liberalis in 1568.

'He made good use of the MSS accessible to him, and also gave proof of a singular acumen in the emendation of texts'. The Dutch schoolmaster Thomas Muncker, or Munckerus, was Rector of the Schola Latina of Delft from 1667 till 1680. Woodcut printer's mark of Jean Lesnier on the title, a flying eagle (? A remarkable feature of this book is the preservation of a cancelled leaf.

Lindenbrogii Observationes in Ammianum Marcellinum; et in eundem Collectanea variarum lectionum. 2 volumes in 1: (VI),504 (recte 502),(49);276,(1 errata) p. 21.5 cm (Ref: VD17 0328M; Schweiger 2,3: 'Neue Rezension nach Mss, besonders trefflichen Florentiner Codex'; Dibdin I,256: 'very excellent edition, the basis of many following ones'; Moss 1,38; Ebert 527; Graesse 1,104) (Details: 6 thongs laced through the joints. Woodcut printers' mark on the title, it depicts a gardener planting a tree, the motto is 'Posteritati'. Edges dyed red) (Condition: Binding soiled & scratched. 330-400 AD, was a Greek who served as a high officer in the Roman army.

Lacks owing to a binder's error the last preliminary leaf (*4), with on the recto side the last page of the 'praefatio' and a blank verso side; of this missing leaf a photocopy is added) (Note: Ammianus Marcellinus, ca.

Not in Brunet, nor in Ebert) (Details: Contemporary thick & stiff paper binding, with 2 leather thongs through the joints. Woodcut ornament on the title) (Condition: Back worn at the extremes and slightly scuffed) (Note: Albertus Magnus, 1193-1280, became doctor and magister in Paris, and was considered to be the most learned man of his age. In combining history and biography he follows his example. ('Haec ut miles quondam & Graecus (..) exorsus', Liber 31) It should also be remembered that he wrote Latin in a period when most historical works were destitute of elegance. This 1609 edition with commentary, produced by the German legal and classical scholar Friedrich Lindenbrog, 1573-1648, is the first edition which the Dutch scholar P. Animadversionum ad Ammonium grammaticum libri tres. In quibus veterum scriptorum loca tentantur & emendantur.

Our edition of 1676 is the first edition with his notes. (Van der Aa, 12/2, 1148) He is best known for his edition of the 'Mythographi Latini', Amsterdam 1681. Vellum 17 cm (Ref: Hoffmann 1,199; Dibdin 1,272: 'an accurate edition'; Moss 1,63; Brunet 1,344/45; Ebert 802; Graesse 1,162) (Details: 2 thongs laced throught the joints. The book contains immediately after the title two short dedications, which are the same except for the heading. de Roche-Choüart illustri comiti Lemovicensi', and on the following leaf to 'Illustri Comiti Lemovicensi de Roche-Choüart'.

In the Mythographi Latini we find his portrait) (Collation: *12 2*6, A-P12 Q6) (Photographs on request) Book number: 120036 Euro 300,00 APOLLODORUS ATHENIENSIS. The only difference is the word order and the absence/presence of the 'N', the first letter of the count's christian name.

There are two classical trained persons who bear that name: Petrus Cornelis Margadant, who wrote a dissertation 'De Luciano aequalium suorum censore', The Hague, 1881, and one Steven Willem Floris Margandant, who wrote a dissertation 'De psychologie van het Grieksche werkwoord. Many of the transformations in this compilation are found nowhere else, and some may simply be inventions of Antoninus.

Beschouwing over oorsprong en betekenis der vervoeging', The Hague, 1929) (Collation: *-2*8, A-V8, X2) (Photographs on request) Book number: 130006 Euro 240,00 ANTONINUS LIBERALIS. Antonini Liberalis Transformationum congeries, interprete Guilielmo Xylandro. Amsterdam (Amstelodami), Apud Janssonio-Waesbergios, 1676. The manner of the narrative is a laconic and conversational prose. The German philologist Wilhelm Xylander (Holzmann), 1532-1576, was professor of Greek at Heidelberg.

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He is best known for his edition of the 'Mythographi Latini', Amst. Johan Hendrik Verheyk, (Verheijk), Dutch schoolmaster, 1725-1784. This was no success, two years later, in 1840, he was sacked, and sued for the unlawful demolishing in august 1839 of 4 habitated houses in his municipality. 13 cm (Ref: Hoffmann 2,193; Willems 1894, Bergman 1894, Rahir 2565; Ebert 750: 'A new and good recension'; Graesse 1,154) (Details: 6 thongs laced through cover; edges died blue, woodcut printer's mark on title; Greek text with facing Latin translation; at the end of each chapter the commentary) (Condition: Frontispiece dustsoiled) (Note: Antoninus Liberalis was an ancient Greek grammarian/mythographer, probably of Antonine times (AD 100 and 200).

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