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Courtesy of American Recordings Produced by Asche & Spencer (as Asche and Spencer) See more » MONSTER'S BALL / (2001) **** (out of four)When I finish reading a great book, I don't close it right away.

Treasuring the story's emotional grasp, I just sit there and hold it for a minute, enthralled, sensing the character's lives are continuing even as I put the book away. The film contains so much truth, vigor, and so many harrowing moments, I just stared at the screen through the ending credits.

Most movies about depravity are really about entertainment, but director Marc Forster avoids preachy speeches, big sappy moments, and melodramatic music.

Even during the movie's most important scenes, Forster does not overplay the material.

She's played by Halle Barry, who was paid an extra one-million dollars for doing an extended sex scene completely nude.

This is a gradual, yet sudden relationship that is not based on physical attraction or love, but emotional need and depravity. During certain scenes, he cuts back and forth between separate occurrences while the central action fills the soundtrack. While two characters engage in some of the most graphic stimulated sex of last year, Forster flashes images of a caged bird before us.

A metaphor of shattered innocence or repressed emotion, perhaps?

Available in a variety of forms, the balls may be solid, or contain clappers or chimes within.Hank and Leticia's interracial affair leads to confusion and new ideas for the two unlikely lovers.I'm Your Man (2001) Performed by The Jayhawks Written by The Jayhawks Published by Abstinthe Music/Warner Tamerlane Publishing Co.He even includes a moving soundtrack of timid rhythms and sudden beats, symbolizing the characters complex states of mind.Forster's haunting, daring feature reminds us why we all love the movies.

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You also acknowledge and agree that you are not offended by nudity and explicit depictions of sexual activity.

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