Sister dating a loser

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Sister dating a loser

Does that mean we should just keep our mouths shut? But think about it this way—if she does end up marrying the loser, your friendship will most likely be impacted anyway.

Who wants to hang out with an unemployed video-game addict? Validate, then activate It’s easier to see the truth from a position of strength rather than weakness.

I’m sure I would have been defensive about it, but deep down I knew it was a mistake.

Their concerns might have helped me tap into the courage I needed to get out of that misguided relationship.” So take it from someone who’s been there — if your friend is dating a loser, you need to speak up!

Tell her you will help her find a new place and rally the rest of your friends to help her pack and move.

If wedding plans are underway, tell her that you will cancel the party—and she can cancel the relationship.

One woman who married the wrong guy confided, “I wish my friends would have said something to me.

I know they didn’t want to hurt my feelings and were afraid to tell me what they really thought.

I'm not just looking down at them because they're dating my younger sister Some background info, my sister is 20, she maintains a 4.0 in college, but for some reason is a complete idiot when it comes to life. Didn't graduate from high school (and we went to a good fucking high school), was a pretty well known pot dealer in my school, and was cheating on his girlfriend (my sister's best friend, at the time). The disgusting part is, I've had to physically bar my sister from taking him to her room. Always had a glazed over look, no idea what he wanted to do in life Boyfriend #3: Christian. No, he's a crossbreed between Quasimodo and Harry Potter. He has no prospects, no ambition, and no drive in life. He's a 34 year old making minimum wage, dating a girl 14 years younger than him - that he knew before she turned 18.Start off by pointing out some of her best qualities. You understand your friend’s strengths and weakness. Try to sit down with her and share your concerns in a way that does not come across as judgmental. We use this approach a lot in therapy and it is a wonderful tool for defusing difficult conversations. Help your friend by eliminating any excuses she has for not ending the relationship.Say, “I have always admired your compassion for others; you deserve to be treated the same way.” Start with a compliment and she may be more receptive to what you are telling her. Don’t say, “We can’t believe you are going to throw your life away by marrying this idiot.” Instead, you can say, “It’s difficult for me to be honest with you because I am afraid it might damage our friendship.” This may give her permission to be honest with herself and open the door for further communication. Frame your concerns by starting with “I.” For example: “I feel so uncomfortable when he puts you down and calls you names.” Or say, “I really worry about how isolated you have become since you got engaged to him.” She is much less likely to become defensive with this approach than if you tell her “You are dating a jackass! For example, if she is living with her boyfriend, invite her to stay with you for a few days.

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