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Our Facebook and website is to unite our people and to bring us together. Somali Singles is HERE to provide a service which is FREE and that service is for those who are looking for Friendship, Matrimony and Marriage.When I saw her, I was stunned by her extraordinary beauty and amiable personality. Hufan was from a region hundreds of miles north of Mogadishu and belonged to a bigger tribe than mine.We talked for an hour, and eventually the conversation turned to the slippery subject of clan affiliation. She paused thoughtfully, then continued: “I am sorry, but I can’t date someone from an obscure clan.” I felt a knot in my stomach and had difficulty understanding why a Somali woman would disqualify me from a potential courtship just because I belonged to a clan which she derisively called it “obscure.” “Let me say this,” I told her, “people from the south care less about one’s clan. Over the years, our brief encounter became a distant memory. ” “Yes, to a Somali woman from Galkacayo.” “Congratulations,” Hufan smiled. ” “My people are not from Galkacayo.” I then asked her whether she had married. He is not from Somalia.” “Ok, but don’t they have tribes in Ghana? ” “Any way, you are invited to my wedding.” I did not know whether to be vindictive or supportive.We hope you continue to enjoy using our website for FREE.We would love to hear back from our guests, on any feed backs or anything we haven't thought of or ways to enhance your experiences.


The woman — I’ll call her “Hufan” — wanted to know my clan. Besides, many people know who the Tunni are.” Moreover, I asked her why my clan had to define me as a man. Then, one day, we ran into each other at an ethnic grocery shop. Hufan was gracious; she greeted us warmly and talked to my daughter teasingly. “Actually, I am getting married this spring to a man from Ghana.” “What is his clan? On the one hand, I was glad Hufan was finally getting married. I was acting like a jilted Somali man dumped in favor of a Ghanaian.

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