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They handed me a small pamphlet with the number 4 in it, a pencil, a name tag and an iced tea stub.

The room was filled with club music, the lights were flashing everywhere and the counter of the bar had bartenders mixing up some drinks.

Despite the storm, heavy rains and the mass flooding brought about by Habagat monsoon rains in the country, I rushed to Mets Bar and Grill (near Rockwell) on a cold, wet and Sunday night of August 18th.

The dress code was a bit formal so I was wearing an office attire with a jacket and a black umbrella in hand.

Inside my mind, I had these thoughts: I have yet to find out the answers to those questions. Here are some responses I’ve heard from the females: The whole bar laughed in chorus. Here’s how it went: I realized that I had just said a lot of requirements. After the warm up was done, we were asked to go back to our tables with our initial dates. Then the organizers began explaining the usual mechanics.

In summary the basic rules are: But the dreaded question remains: Is it possible for you to have no match at all? Although, it rarely happens, it DOES happen with a small probability of 5% according to Date Unlimited.

I introduced myself to Jane by shaking her hand and exchanging small jokes about how bad the weather is and how I got so wet in the rain.

Afterwards, I started to look around the room to observe and to see the kind of people who go to speed dates.

But unexpectedly, much to my surprise and thrill, most of the people who joined the speed dating event that night looked very normal.She sang me a few lines from Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and I was impressed.She is not exactly my type but I decided to put a check mark to her name on my pamphlet because I somewhat felt obligated to do so since she was my default date.As I walked towards the entrance of the bar, I whispered to myself, “Expect the Unexpected.”.As I opened the door, I was greeted by the two welcoming organizers, a couple, named Sam and Nicole at the registration area.

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