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Speed dating staffs

It’s not a silver bullet, nor is it a gimmick, but as an idea for bringing staff together to talk about teaching, it works!

Staff love it – and the outcome is great classroom ideas – ‘voted in’ by staff – for your school to roll-out and adapt.

Now, pregnant women“Amanda is professional, caring and passionate about her field and it shows.

A client-focussed and compassionate doula offering great services.

As a group of Lead Practitioners at St James School in Exeter, we were asked to lead professional development sessions for the whole teaching body! I could already feel my heart pounding with the nerves …) Toolkit!We asked all teachers to ‘think of an idea they use in the classroom’ which they could share with other teachers (in just 30 seconds)!As soon as the email and flyers were posted, staff started talking about it!We'll make it easy for you with Doula Speed Dating, where you can meet several doula in one evening to find your favourite doula quickly and easily.Visit our website to view fall events for Ottawa, Toronto, Durham and Vancouver. Our Hosting Package gives you everything you need to learn how to get results with the media and how to run a successful Doula Speed Dating event A doula will be a part of your birth memories for the rest of your life, so having the right connection with yours is important!

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If you're not sure if a doula is for you or don't have time for interviews, you're the perfect person to attend Doula Speed Dating.