Spin dating

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Spin dating

Lately it has seemed like Swift is more and more involved in her own world — one that those girls can no longer plausibly be a part of — but it’s one that may very well start to crumble, even just a little bit, if she doesn’t at least try to maintain some semblance of the goofy girl who’d throw on an animal costume like it was Dior.It’s inevitable, really, that we’d eventually choke a bit on the rock mythology that’s been crammed down our collective throats for most of our lives.

A women’s sphere of influence is vast – home, church, work, and beyond.An acquaintance of mine who attended the New Jersey stop of her tour recalled overhearing a little girl saying, in response to Swift’s criteria for being her friend (and included, presumably, in the elite circle that does fun things like go to her Cape house for her epic Fourth of July parties), “I want to be your friend!” And once upon a time, back when Swift would wear a t-shirt emblazoned with “no its becky,” that might have seemed like an attainable dream.It is important for the Church to invest in them and equip them to be discerning; recognizing bad doctrine and understanding that theology has practical application in their everyday lives.Late on Sunday night, Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste tweeted some thoughts about Taylor Swift, along with a photo of an unnamed publication’s item about “Mean Girl Taylor Swift’s Friendship Rules!

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The natural ability was never up for debate; combine that with an equally natural self-destructive bent, and the ensuing reception was predictably breathless.

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