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The remainder of the article shows the techniques, scenarios, and considerations to help you to use batching successfully in your Azure applications.

Authors: Jason Roth, Silvano Coriani, Trent Swanson (Full Scale 180 Inc) Reviewers: Conor Cunningham, Michael Thomassy Batching calls to a remote service is a well-known strategy for increasing performance and scalability.

But there is a simple way to increase the performance of this code by simply wrapping the sequence of calls in a transaction. Transactions are actually being used in both of these examples.

In the first example, each individual call is an implicit transaction.

Add("update My Table set mytext = 'updated text' where id = 3"); db Operations.

Add("insert My Table values ('new value',1)"); db Operations.

It seems strange to begin a review of batching by discussing transactions.

In this paper, we want to examine various SQL Database batching strategies and scenarios.

Although these strategies are also important for on-premises applications that use SQL Server, there are several reasons for highlighting the use of batching for SQL Database: One of the benefits of using SQL Database is that you don’t have to manage the servers that host the database.

Before we fetch next batch of data to the client, execution of query is suspended.

You said that data is being sent to client as is being needed.

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If we do range scan then metadata about last returned row will be stored somewhere.