Tanzania immigrant and dating

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Tanzania immigrant and dating

Programming Recommendations and Lessons Learned about employing community outreach and mobilization and mass media: Combine strategies via integrated programmes Programmes that integrate multiple strategies, usually group education with community outreach and mass media campaigns are more effective in changing gender norms and behaviour.Promote community ownership and sustained engagement In order to be effective in changing harmful beliefs and practices, such as violence against women, an initiative should engage directly with members of that community.They involved their friends, colleagues, neighbours and relatives with help and support from the organization.Opinion leaders such as parish chiefs, traditional ‘aunties’, and village-level local government officials were engaged as allies, who went about inspiring others and shifting their own practices.The centre involved community members, staff from institutions such as the police and health centers, and other key stakeholders in analyzing the situation regarding domestic violence.‘Ordinary’ community members (85 in fairly equal numbers of women and men) became community volunteers, counsellors, and activists.Cellkraft was founded in the year 2000 developing fuel cells for advanced applications.

Example: A Comprehensive Community Involvement Approach: Raising Voices ( Uganda ) In Kampala, Uganda, the Centre for Domestic Violence Prevention was committed to working in Kawempe Division over a period of four years.

Community outreach and mobilization can encompass a range of interventions and approaches, including: community meetings; training or sensitization sessions with traditional authorities, community or religious leaders; street theatre and other cultural activities and marches and demonstrations.

Mass media campaigns normally use radio, television, billboards or other media to reach a wide segment of a community.

Gradually, as a result of these activities, a new value system is taking root in Kawempe Division.

Domestic violence is now seen as a problem in the community, there are local support mechanisms that help women, people are more willing to confront men who use violence, and institutions are more responsive to violence.

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Therefore, it is important to frame the issues strategically by: Highlighting the benefits of human rights and non-violent relationships for both women and men; and Addressing violence in the context of healthy relationships and healthy families, rather than taking an individual, rights-based approach (Michau 2007). Women’s Health Centre for Sexual Health (Tanzania) In the experience of Jijenge!