Tips for dating a triathlete

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Tips for dating a triathlete

Tour de France-winning cyclist and Wigan Warriors fan Sir Bradley Wiggins has called rugby league “the hardest sport in the world,” while Olympic bronze medal-winning triathlete and Leeds Rhinos supporter Jonny Brownlee says simply: “They are all as hard as nails.” Rugby league players run up to 9km during an 80-minute game, experience fewer energy-restoring stops for set pieces than their colleagues in rugby union, and endure repeated collisions with opponents at an impact of up to 10G - which is similar to that of a car crash.

“We want our players to be gentlemen off the field, but wild animals on the field who throw their bodies into things,” says Mark Bitcon, the highly-respected Director of Performance at Wigan Warriors - the reigning Super League champions and Challenge Cup holders, who commence the new season at home to Huddersfield Giants on Friday February 7.

He posted a at July’s Challenge Roth (a non-Ironman event) to break the previous record of from countryman Andreas Raelert, which was also set in Roth.

For the second year in a row Mc Mahon had to settle for second place—despite turning in a blazing performance himself.

“Rugby league has an element of rugby union in terms of collisions and impact and an element of football in terms of the running distances and speeds required.

That means the players face very varied physical demands.

It’s worth noting that Mc Mahon came within 12 seconds of Vanhoenacker’s record earlier this year in Brazil.

Those who are deemed mentally tough typically exhibit what sports psychologists call “intrinsic motivation.” A study featured in Psychology of Motor Behavior and Sport defines this as the desire to be self-determining.

People who are intrinsically motivated are self- starters, willing to push themselves to the brink for the love of their sport or activity.

“It’s hard to take a wuss and make him a hardcore no matter what you do—unless you throw him in prison.” Still, it’s fair to assume that anyone can improve his tolerance, patience, and concentration, just as anyone can get bigger, leaner, or better educated.

BE A SELF-STARTER The root of mental toughness lies in motivation.

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Read on and you may never feel like quitting again, whether it’s on a set, in a game, or on the job.