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Tv dating contest

(Note that talent competitions such as , which feature contestants performing on a stage each week, have been excluded from consideration.) Unlike most lists we post on this site, these choices represent one person's opinion, rather than the critical consensus -- so feel free to add your own opinions at the conclusion of the article.

manages to be engaging, educational, and plain old interesting.

may be the most inspiring show on television, no doubt motivating countless American couch potatoes to join the gym and drop the pounds.

Guided by two overly enthusiastic trainers, contestants are put through the physical wringer, with weekly weigh-ins and daily workouts that exercise them to the point of collapse.

Add to this some impressive guest judges of the Anthony Bourdain variety and you have the one show that could upset ’s high ratings offered a convincing proof of concept that seemed to flood the reality competition field overnight.

It also created a framework for the genre through its early experimentation with alliances, immunities, challenges and eliminations.

premiered in 2000, the competitive reality show was all but unheard of.

By 2003, the Emmys had created an award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program, which followed on the heels of the award for Outstanding Reality Program, created in 2001.

The results should have psychologists scratching their heads for years, as was easily one of the smartest reality shows on television, which probably led to its demise as all the rules surrounding its penalties, executions, eliminations, quizzes and missions were too much to keep track of.

Thankfully for the show, its producers managed to make negotiations with the networks and cast work well enough to return for an 8th season, which premieres this Thursday at 9pm on Lifetime.

house, which encourages contestants to act more naturally than they would with a boom guy standing over them, and lets them whisper their secrets and betrayals in perceived privacy.

And there are competitions that test virtually everything -- from one’s kitchen skills to modeling chops to design expertise, with prizes that include professional contracts, cash money and even the chance to marry your soulmate.

Below, we select some of the best and worst examples from a cluttered field of reality competition shows.

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Beyond the allure of the $1 million prize, contestants get to travel around the world while completing physical and mental challenges with a partner of their choosing.

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