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Two scorpios dating each other

But I’ve seen enough of this mistake to recognize that it is a serious problem.

“It’s” is a contraction for “it is,” and “its” is a possessive.

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Subscribe to NWB by scrolling to the top right of this page and enter in your email address.Just use “use.” Remember, “Unless good taste you despise, never ever use utilize.” (It’s midnight; that’s the best rhyme I can create.)Based off of.“Based off of” is kind of fun to say, which is probably why there’s been an increase in its usage: “Based off of last year’s gala, we should have a signature drink this year, and I think it should be called Equity Juice.” (This is not just an example; I’m creating the recipe for this cocktail, and it involves ,” “irregardless” is not a thing. In fact, carry fruit in your laptop bag, so that you may pummel with aforementioned fruit the people who do say it. Just say “regardless,” like “Regardless of cultural diversity and dietary needs, beet hummus is an abomination of nature.” Service.See “Now, as someone for whom English is a second language, I make mistakes all the time.Sometimes on purpose, such as using multiple exclamation points for extra emphasis, like this!!!

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And I appreciate it when readers email me to help me correct errors, just like I appreciate it when people point out that I have bits of spinach hummus stuck in my incisors.

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