Tyga dating honey

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There have been a ton of sites trying to play that they have the real tape showing a still image of the new Minaj music video at about called High School with Lil Wayne, so don’t be fooled by that bull s**t.The “real” sex tape in question was said to be circulated among’st Weezy’s boys and found its way into the hands of some folks asking for a price of only 0,000 BONES!Trinidadian born American rapper, singer, songwriter, voice actress and media personality Onika Tanya Maraj or better known for her stage name Nicki Minaj supposedly made a nasty little adult video for some cash when she was broke and made before she hit it big in the hip hop music industry according to recent reports creating a Nicki Minaj full sex tape porn video frenzy!But wait, let us break down all the gossip for you.A group of men from New Orleans are selling the video, and they gave a a few select sites a private screening.The video, we were told was taken by none other than her good buddy Lil Wayne.

Nicki still denies the video is of her and we believe her from what we saw in the tapes.

The Game and Meek Mill have been at eachothers throats and The game is “showing a ni**a what’s up, by also taunting Meek Mill on social media with pictures of The Game and Nicki together, saying: “The Last Time Nicki Held A Real NI**A!!!

On Sunday night's show, the shocking result led to hoards of angry viewers swarming Twitter, where the show was hit with fresh fix claims atop threats from fans to boycott the programme in light of the decision. ...' Emily Middlemas has definitely got star quality.

“I think it is what it is and for everyone to decide for themselves why she is famous and come to their own conclusions” *wink* Then she was asked if she believed she could beat Kim for the most downloads ever and she said: “Baby, you have no idea” with another *wink*.

Seems like cash money is doing all good with or without a sextape in the house.

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Seems to us the power couple had to sneak away for a bit to make the video real!

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